• The GreenDay with Bab el Raid and ÉLÉPHANT VERT

    The Bab El Raid team supported by ÉLÉPHANT VERT, arrived in Merzouga on February 12th. A team of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Morocco was part of the welcoming committee for the distribution of 150 Fertinova’s bags to farmers and for planting young trees at the GreenDay.    

  • BOAD visiting ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali

    On 29 January  ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali organized a visit its facilities to the Resident Representative of the BOAD in Mali, Marcel Aboumon, for a futur partnership with the West African Development Bank

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali at the ON market

      Since January 20, a commercial team of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali crosses the markets of the Office du Niger (Mali’s main rice-growing area) to inform producers and distributors on FERTINOVA and its effect on rice. On the agenda : information, direct sales, advertising and musical entertainment.

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali : Factory tour

      During two days, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali opened the doors of its production unit to groups of producers and partners, including the Office du Niger, the Regional Department of Agriculture, microfinance institutions and NGOs. Nearly 100 people were present and showed great interest in our factory and products.

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali at the B6 market

    On January 20th, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali and leaders of partner radio Sahel were heavily present at the B6 market to introduce the FERTINOVA biofertilizers and its benefits on rice. Sahel is the most listened radio in the ON zone (Office of Niger).

  • Agricultural Fair of Kayes

    ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali took part to the Agricultural fair of Kayes. Kayesians  Producers were very curious and enthusiastic about the idea of being able to get the organic fertilizer made by Mali.

  • Industrialization Day of Africa

    ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali participated in the Day of the Industrialization of Africa the 29 and 30 November. The opportunity for Malian subsidiary to showcase its products but also its investment of more than 5 billion CFA in the Ségou region, for the construction of a modern production unit.


    ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group took part in the 2nd Regional Operational Research planification workshop (2016-2019) on Desert Locust in the Western region organized by FAO in Tunis from November 23th to 27th 2015.

  • GIZ Training in Mali

    Sada Sanogo, sales manager of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali, take part to a training organized by the GIZ (German International Cooperation Agency). On Sunday, November 22.  the training’s objective was to organize the implementation of 34 field schools (located across Mali) with ORGANOVA FERTINOVA and products for use on potatoes.