BIO-INPUTS: IPSB joins forces with ÉLÉPHANT VERT to develop processes

ÉLÉPHANT VERT, operator of the largest bio-input hub in French-speaking Africa, has joined forces with the French SME IPSB (Ingénierie de Procédés Sucres Biotechnologies) to develop a new bio-input production unit in Morocco (for biofertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides) using enzymes selected for their biological activity.

This project will lead to the large-scale production of bacterial consortia, which will be applied to soil to improve plants’ nutrient uptake, reinforce and stimulate their defenses and significantly improve yields.

During the initial phase, bacteria strains were selected at ÉLÉPHANT VERT’s agronomical R&D laboratory in Morocco. The selection process focused on local strains. Thanks to the partnership with IPSB, an experiment program was then finalized and laboratory-scale production runs were completed to determine the key parameters impacting the extrapolation of the process from the experimental scale to the industrial scale. This investment of €25 million will initially allow the group to break into the West African and European markets.

A Moroccan factory in 2016

Using its industrial biotechnology expertise and experience in designing industrial fermentation units, IPSB aims to finalize the technologies ensuring the final product is technically and economically competitive. Following engineering studies, a factory will open in 2016 at the Meknes Agropolis in Morocco. It will supply the African market and may be duplicated in other countries.

This partnership, bringing together Swiss industrial group ÉLÉPHANT VERT and engineers IPSB, builds on a joint project launched in 2012. This project led to two industrial production units for biofertilizer pellets (in Morocco and Mali) and a biopesticide unit which will open in a few months.

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