ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group is a partner of The Digital Farm, which will be present at the International Agricultural Show in Paris (February 25 to March 5) and SIMA (February 26 to March 2).

Founded by 5 startup companies, The Digital Farm is an association whose goal is to promote innovation and digital technology for a successful and sustainable agriculture.

All from the agricultural world, its founders have the ambition to accompany the agricultural revolution thanks to the digital. The values of the association are those of its founders:

– Innovation → Advocate technical, technological or even digital advances allowing the farmer to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly

– Transparency → Enabling the farmer to regain his independence and bring him closer to consumers by giving them confidence, thanks to the simplicity of digital

– Pragmatism → Do not believe in beautiful ideas, but in practical applications with a real and direct impact on the sustainability of our agriculture

The founding start-ups are involved at a specific point in the agricultural life cycle. From procurement to consumption, through participatory financing, each has a specific role.

The association became evident between these actors to develop this synergy at 360 degrees.

At the core of a real triptych, the association aims to show how new technologies allow farmers to be more productive, more competitive and closer to the consumer’s concerns.

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