ÉLÉPHANT VERT supports the 1st European festival of urban Agriculture

ÉLÉPHANT VERT was a sponsor of the Festival “Éclosion Urbaine”, the first European festival of urban agriculture in France, held on 23, 24 and 25 October 2015 in Paris. It was the first meeting bringing together experts from various backgrounds to lay the foundations of urban agriculture of tomorrow. “Éclosion Urbaine” was structured around a three-day program designed to educate participants of all ages through conferences but also fun and educational workshops, such as the manufacture of lawn snowmen, recognition of plants by their smells, or visiting a “green” apartment because it contains furniture to grow herbs.

During this event ÉLÉPHANT VERT has participated in a meeting on October 23th, dedicated to professionals in the agricultural sector, to discuss urban agriculture and its issues.



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