ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group takes over the assets of Xurian Environment accelerating industrial development in France

ÉLÉPHANT VERT, an industrial player and supplier of biosolutions in agriculture, consolidates its growth strategy in France by taking over the activities of Xurian Environnement, a company specialized in micro-organisms for agricultural interest.

ÉLÉPHANT VERT, a Swiss group that works for a healthy and sustainable agriculture, with the support of the Antenna Foundation, takes over Xurian Environnement assets, a French player of biointrants located in Béziers (South of France).

A new momentum and new territories :

Xurian Environnement, a French company specialized in micro-organisms for agricultural interest, saw its assets taken over by ÉLÉPHANT VERT on last June 6th.  With 360 employees in five countries in Africa and Europe, ÉLÉPHANT VERT develops and produces organic amendments, biofertilizers, biopesticides and biostimulants. With this transaction, the Group expands its geographical scope with a production site in Béziers, and adds the biosolutions by Xurian Environnement – Ovalis Rhizofertil, Megaterhiz and Valorisanté – to its product portfolio.

An industrial and commercial hub towards Europe and Africa :

Micro-organisms contribute to provide credible alternatives to conventional products in order to restore biodiversity and soil fertility while improving plant growth and resistance to disease and pests. “We offer an integrated approach by sector providing farmers with solutions adapted to their needs. For this reason, the acquisition of Xurian Environnement’s assets by ÉLÉPHANT VERT offers promising development opportunities to expand our range of natural, efficient and innovative solutions”, says Sébastien Couasnet, CEO of ÉLÉPHANT VERT. “By consolidating our development and production strategies, we aim to deploy an industrial and commercial structure that can expand from France towards Europe and Africa“, adds Sébastien Couasnet. “We are very pleased with this operation, which will enable us to continue to offer innovative solutions for agriculture“, says Alexandre Bry, General Manager of Xurian Environment.

Xurian Environment in 5 key dates :

– February 1998: creation

– 2013: installation on the industrial site of Béziers – R & D and production

– 2014: the Ovalis biostimulant is rewarded with the Innovation Trophy Innov-Agri in « supply and consumption » category

– 2015 : launch of ValoriSanté in animal hygiene

– 2016: obtaining the marketing authorization (AMM) for the biostimulant I-4613

Focus on Ovalis Rhizofertil :

Based on the microbial inoculant I-4613, this product is deployed under the Ovalis Rhizofertil and Megaterhiz ranges which improve plant biomass by synthesizing plant growth hormones assimilated by the plant. The product facilitates making provision of nutrients in the soil for the plant.

Approved by the ANSES (The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety ) and suitable for organic farming, the product is registered for use on straw cereal crops and corn. Its effectiveness on the increase of plant biomass and yield has been demonstrated for the following crops:

– Cereals: average yield increase of 5%

– Corn: up to 11% increase in additional yield

ÉLÉPHANT VERT got the transfer of this certification from ANSES on June 12th, 2017. The product also demonstrated its effectiveness on the vine, a crop for which the extension of the approval is initiated.

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