In its production plant in Meknes, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group is mobilizing to offer a roof to bees. A deep commitment to safeguarding biodiversity.

Bees have a key role in our civilization and the balance of ecosystems. 30% of our nutrition depends on pollination, of which the bee is the major player. However, mortality among bees is becoming increasingly important. Much of this mortality is due to various factors such as chemical treatments or pesticides.

Pollination, assured particularly by honey bees, allows the reproduction of 80% of the plants. And especially crops of cereals, vegetables and fruits.

As part of a sustainable development approach, ÉLÉPHANT VERT installed beehives on the roof of its plant at Agropolis in Meknes in order to demonstrate its involvement in biomonitoring through concrete actions. Moreover, the presence of bees is a reliable indicator of environmental quality proving that our production unit in Meknes is a so-called “clean” plant.

In June 2015, the Group installed its first beehives. Currently, 10 beehives are managed by our provider ApiBel. In addition, ÉLÉPHANT VERT honey will not be marketed but offered to certain customers (depending on the quantities produced).

To enable all Group employees in all parts of the world to follow the life of these bees, the Group Information Systems Department has set up a whole system including an IP camera and an ADSL line fully Dedicated to the follow-up of the project.

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