NILE: a new emerging player in bio-inputs

In order to promote and speed-up the development and commercialization of innovative bio-inputs, ARD(a Research & Development company specialising in generating value from crops in the fields of biorefining, industrial biotechnologies, and green chemistry) and ÉLÉPHANT VERT (an industrial player of the biological crop protection market in Europe and Africa) have set-up a new independent company, NILE,whose ambition is to turn scientific innovation into relevant and efficient biosolutions for farmers.
« NILE focuses on scouting and developing high value-added projects and opportunities based on the renowned competences, ”know-how” and infrastructures of its two founders ARD and ÉLÉPHANT VERT », noted ÉLÉPHANT VERT President, Sébastien Couasnet.
« Identifying, developing and bringing to the market new innovative biosolutions for tomorrow’s agriculture is the objective we have set up for NILE », added ARD General Director, Yvon Le Henaff.

NILE’s offer is structured around three activities: investment, project management and an access to state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities for agro-industry.

Addressing SMEs and research laboratories, NILE intends to propose partnerships and co-development projects by giving them human and financial support as well as an industrial expertise.

NILE combines agronomical, economical and regulatory competences within a multidisciplinary and experienced team. The implementation of NILE’s expertise is supported by its shareholders’ industrial facilities in order to effectively develop, optimise, and produce new generations of biosolutions.
« In order to tackle the agricultural challenges of the XXIst century, producing more and producing better, as well as complying with the regulatory evolution for a more sustainable agriculture, NILE is swiftly positioned in an expanding market and proposes a unique offer combining the expertise and the know-how of referring actors, so that tomorrow’s biosolutions can reach the market faster », added NILE CEO, France Thevenieau.

ARD in brief :

ARD is a Research & Development company specialising in generating value from crops in the fields of biorefining, industrial biotechnologies, and green chemistry. Backed by major cooperative groups, including its majority shareholder VIVESCIA, ARD is now a leading European platform for innovation within the Bazancourt Pomacle biorefinery near Reims in the Marne region. Boasting laboratories, pilot installations, and an industrial demonstrator named BioDémo, ARD provides process development services for start-ups or major manufacturers, with the double aim of optimising production costs and respecting the environment.

ARD is a founder member of the Industry and Agro-Resources International Competitive Cluster (IAR). For more information, visit

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