FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE and ÉLÉPHANT VERT have signed a distribution agreement for the trade of natural bioinputs, approved for organic farming in Morocco.

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE and ÉLÉPHANT VERT have signed a distribution agreement for approved organic farming agri-input products in Morocco. This agreement covers as well the registration, as technical and sales development of the FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE product range in other African countries.

The Swiss company ÉLÉPHANT VERT landed four years ago in Africa to drive the development of organic farming inputs. ÉLÉPHANT VERT provides innovative product lines (ORGANOVA: organic amendment, FERTINOVA: biofertilizer, NOVASTIM: biostimulants, NOVAPROTECT: biopesticides) and also service lines (NOVATOOLS TECHNIC: technical support, NOVATOOLS FINANCE: financial support and NOVATOOLS INDUSTRY: tailored industrial deals). With this agreement, FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE will share its ten years experience in the Moroccan market and will supply its organic agri-inputs. The strong footprint of ÉLÉPHANT VERT will allow the appropriate technical and marketing development on the Moroccan market. The agreement also covers registration and sales development in other African Countries such as Mali, Cameroun, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Both companies are focused on field technical support and stewardship for producers and exporters of crop products. The promotion of organic farming, waste management and environmental sustainability are not the only shared values for both companies, but also the investment in research and development, and the social contribution to local communities where their economic activities are held.

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