Nos partenariats Agro-industriels


Because they can widely disseminate new sustainable solutions, agribusinesses are key actors. We develop with them custom made solutions to change the agricultural model.

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT and Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès signed an agreement for the development of joint actions around the Research & Development and Agricultural Innovation. This partnership also includes the monitoring of a certification procedure for developing the potential of  “Organic Olive Oil of Meknès.”
  • Cosumar is a company specialized in the extraction, refining and sugar packaging in Morocco. Cosumar frames the sugar beet and sugar cane farmers in Morocco. The Group ÉLÉPHANT VERT joins SUNABEL subsidiary of the Cosumar, to value its products and be part of a sustainable agricultural approach to ensure the sustainability and soil fertility.
  • The Senegalese Sugar Company (CSS) is a company engaged in sugar cane cultivation, extraction, refining and sugar packaging in Senegal. CSS wants to promote the byproducts of its production and increase sugarcane production by the use of suitable biofertilizers. ÉLÉPHANT VERT and CSS and aim to produce biorfertilisants in CSS site in Senegal.
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