Our scientific partnerships


ÉLÉPHANT VERT has entered into many scientific partnerships and projects since it was founded. Today, the group has a wide network of public and private research partners, in Africa and in Europe.

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT’s partnership with Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech includes licenses for using microbial strains and active ingredients. The two entities have also worked together to develop a postharvest biofungicide to help preserve and protect pome and citrus fruit. Another project focused on developing a biofungicide supplement targeting soil and root pathogens.
    This contract was finalized in March 2014.

  • Morocco’s Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique and ÉLÉPHANT VERT signed a memorandum of understanding in the fields of research and training. This involves developing a bionematicide targeting root-knot nematodes in Morocco, and working together on a project using microorganism collections. The partnership includes internships for second-year Masters students, engineers and doctoral students at ÉLÉPHANT VERT. As at April 2015, the contract was being finalized.
  • The Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Scientific Innovation and Research (MASCIR) has joined forces with ÉLÉPHANT VERT as part of a research partnership aiming to isolate and select bacteria and micro-algae for use in biofertilizers.
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