MYCOTROL ES Biopesticides

  • High concentration of Beauveria Bassania
  • Better or equivalent control than chemical treatments
  • Good resistance to deal with the insect
  • Used in integrated pest management program (IPM)
  • Compatible with other pesticides
  • Without residue DAR


Mycotrol ES is a biopesticide formulated against whiteflies, containing Beauveria Bassania. It produces substances that destroy and digest the internal structures of insects. This product is recommended for intensive and organic farming.




Mycotrol ES has a unique and different operating mode comparing to conventional insecticides:

  • The spores are settled on the insect cuticle
  • Release of enzymes and dissolution cuticle
  • Penetration and development inside the insect
  • Destruction of the insect
  • Development of a fungal mass inside the insect

Find below the recommendations of ÉLÉPHANT VERT :

  • Crops
  • Horticulture
    doses : 125 cc/hl
    application : Against white flies
  • Strawberries
    doses : 200-300 cc/hl
    application : Against thrips and red acarids
  • Banana trees
    doses : 300 cc/hl
    application : Against black weevil


Beauveria bassiana souche GHA : (2 x 1010 CFU/ml) (11,3%)

Technical document