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    Locust invasion in East Africa

    Locust invasion in East Africa – a conversation with Dr Christiaan Kooyman Christiaan Kooyman, retired field scientist, grasshopper specialist, well-known for his ground-breaking work in the biological treatment of insects, has granted us an exclusive interview in order to grasp a much better understanding into the locust invasion that East Africa is now facing. His insights […]

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    ÉLÉPHANT VERT, a key player in organic farming, inaugurated its subsidary in Senegal to promote an innovative agricultural model. ÉLÉPHANT VERT aims to contribute to the Senegalese agricultural excellence promoted by the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) by proposing biological solutions that will participate in the agricultural development and the food security of the country. Continuing […]

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    ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group reinforces its presence in Mali

    ÉLÉPHANT VERT Mali, West African subsidiary of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group, officially inaugurated this Tuesday May 31st 2016, its plant of organic fertilizer in Segou in northern Mali. In addition to its strategic geographical location, Mali has great agricultural potential: field crops (rice, maize, cotton), many vegetable crops as well as fabric and a major agro-industrial […]