ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group took part in the 2nd Regional Operational Research planification workshop (2016-2019) on Desert Locust in the Western region organized by FAO in Tunis from November 23th to 27th 2015.

  • Take a look on ÉLÉPHANT VERT !

    The famous moroccan artist photographer Khalil Nemmaoui collaborate with ÉLÉPHANT VERT to relate the epic tale of the Group in all its expressions (industrial facilities, fields, men …). The works will be unveiled soon !

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    To be seen : the activists 2

    ÉLÉPHANT VERT is at the heart of a network that brings together all those who innovate for efficient, healthy and sustainable agriculture. This new film tells the story of our activists in Mali :

  • TO BE SEEN : the Activists 1

    Discover the first internal movie of the Group, made for and with the collaborators of ÉLÉPHANT VERT: the activists.    

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT : Today Maroc, tomorrow Africa

    (Agence Ecofin) – The Swiss manufacturer of bio-fertilizer ÉLÉPHANT VERT continues its commitment to Morocco. The group was announced last year an investment plan of 65 million euros for the construction of three production units based in Meknès, Agadir and Berkane. More than 37 million euros had already been invested.   For further informations, click on […]

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT stands out on quality

    Through its subsidiary EV BIOFERTILISANTS Maroc, the Group expects to produce 200,000 t / year of organic fertilizer in 2021.   For further informations, click on the link below :


    ÉLÉPHANT VERT has been rewarded for the quality of its production. The Swiss manufacturer of biofertilizers has obtained the ISO 9001 v 2008 for its Moroccan subsidiary EV BIOFERTILISANTS, issued by Bureau Veritas Morocco.   For further informations, click on the link below :

  • ÉLÉPHANT VERT participate at Africa Agri Forum 2014

    ÉLÉPHANT VERT will present on this occasion innovative solutions to insufflate an efficient and sustainable new African agricultural model. For further informations, click on the link below:–113505#.VcCQITB_NBc