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ÉLÉPHANT VERT is a Swiss commercial undertaking that operates worldwide with financial support from Switzerland’s Antenna Technologies Foundation.


We currently operate in Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast and France. In the medium term, we hope to open other centers in West Africa.

The largest industrial bio-input hub in Africa

Building on ÉLÉPHANT VERT’s strong presence in Morocco, an important showcase for our excellence and expertise, we plan on establishing a key presence in local markets throughout North Africa, West Africa and Europe.

By 2016, we aim to export 75% of our Moroccan production to other African countries, including Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Kenya.

R&D is also central to our development strategy, which involves establishing international partnerships with other countries.





ÉLÉPHANT VERT is the result of a project that was launched 12 years ago in Africa. It originally brought together researchers, experts, engineers, technicians, workers and – of course – farmers. Thanks to the support of the Antenna Technologies Foundation, this project became ÉLÉPHANT VERT. Today, nearly 300 professionals work on a daily basis to ensure ÉLÉPHANT VERT becomes a world leader.


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