ÉLÉPHANT VERT EuropeLa filiale dédiée aux PME innovantes

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In Europe, hundreds of companies are developing bio-inputs from living microorganisms that are destined for European and international markets. These companies – often small – are the drivers of innovation in the sector. However, they face considerable costs and delays when registering and marketing their products.

ÉLÉPHANT VERT Europe has developed a unique long-term strategy to finance these companies, allowing them to bring their products to market while remaining independent.

Thanks to this approach, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Europe gets a return on investment that is proportional to its risks, helps diversify the bio-input industry, and creates favorable conditions for the development of future partners.

In addition to its financial investment, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Europe provides long-term support to partners by recommending strategies for the registration, development and marketing of their products.

ÉLÉPHANT VERT France is an in-house consulting agency that helps ÉLÉPHANT VERT Europe to select and analyze investments. ÉLÉPHANT VERT France also liaises between European bio-input companies seeking to produce microorganism-based products at the Meknes factory, to register and/or distribute their products in Africa, and to develop joint R&D programs with the ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group.

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