ÉLÉPHANT VERT MarocUn hub pour le Groupe

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ÉLÉPHANT VERT Morocco has a biofertilizer production unit and a biopesticide production unit 150km from Rabat, where the group is based. These units are also home to the group’s R&D laboratories. A production unit for bacterial products and a glasshouse for mycorrhizal fungi are also planned. Our Morocco team, based at Meknes and other key locations around the country, has 95 employees (salespersons, technicians and administrative staff).

ÉLÉPHANT VERT Morocco was awarded the “Agriculture and Sustainable Development” prize at the ninth International Agriculture Show in Morocco (SIAM) in 2014.


Workshops and awareness days are regularly organized in Morocco to present ÉLÉPHANT VERT’s products. For upcoming events, take a look at the schedule. In addition to marketing increasingly innovative products, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Morocco aims to become a key player in the reusing of organic waste and production of biofertilizers. The Moroccan branch hopes to create a network bringing together the industry’s main players, both public and private. This operation is already underway in the Meknes region, where a national agro-industry cluster has been created.


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