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ÉLÉPHANT VERT aims to contribute to the Senegalese agricultural excellence promoted by the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) by proposing biological solutions that will participate in the agricultural development and the food security of the country.

Continuing its efforts in favor of climate-smart agriculture in Africa, ÉLÉPHANT VERT Group is deploying in Senegal, a strategic country in West Africa. This decision is a concrete expression of the Group’s commitments made 5 years ago in favor of a healthy and sustainable agriculture by making available to African farmers biological and natural solutions for their soils – biofertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides – as well as a Technical and financial support.


The African continent needs new agriculture to protect a strategic sector of its economy. In Senegal, agriculture contributes more than 17% to national GDP and employs more than 60% of the rural population.

Taking into account its rapid population growth and high food demand, Senegal will have to increase its agricultural production capacity to feed its population while maintaining the fertility of its soils and developing an agricultural fabric in its territories .

The Group wishes to take part in the initiative launched by the Senegalese State to increase the contribution of the agricultural sector to the local economic growth. René Bajikile Matala, Managing Director of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Senegal, explains this initiative led by the Group: “Research, adaptation and transfer of innovative technologies allow to combat soil degradation and promote sustainable agriculture in Africa, and Senegal in particular. For example, it is now possible to generalize the use of natural, efficient and competitive products to supplement or replace conventional inputs. Through this type of innovation, a new innovative, efficient and sustainable agricultural model is emerging. Senegal, which aims to achieve food self-sufficiency in the medium term and to open up new export markets, can count ÉLÉPHANT VERT to support this increasing power.


In addition to its presence in Dakar, the Group wants to cover the main agricultural areas of the country: from the Senegal River valley and in Casamance, the most important areas of rice cultivation, via the Baol region, the reference groundnut basin.

“With this Senegalese anchorage, ÉLÉPHANT VERT is positioning itself as an agricultural player of a green ongoing revolution. The Group started an ambitious investment program in Morocco since its inception in February 2012 and then in Mali in 2015. Now the Group is expanding its scope in Senegal, where the demand for sustainable and innovative agricultural products is strong”, says René Bajikile Matala, Managing Director of ÉLÉPHANT VERT Senegal. For its national launch, ÉLÉPHANT VERT is deploying a multi-channel communication campaign in Wolof and French from April to October 2017 to challenge farmers, decision-makers and consumers on issues related to sustainable agriculture and healthy farming practices. On the occasion of its national launch conference, held in Dakar on April 27th under the theme “What solutions for a healthy and sustainable agriculture?”, the international agricultural experts who were present recalled the need for a sustainable management of soil fertility in Senegal to strengthen agricultural resilience to climate change. It is also as part of this gathering in Dakar that agricultural, institutional and economic partners have been able to discover ÉLÉPHANT VERT products, presented in a concrete and educational way, to demonstrate the effects of natural organic matter on soils.


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